Baby Lou Goes to Church

I had the honor and immense pleasure of documenting the baptism of a dear friend in April of 2019. This was my first time I was tasked with such responsibility for a family but, given the freedom to do what I do I was able to collect a set of images that make me cry every time I look at them.

Typically at an event I’ll bring a few lenses with me to get some different looks and atmosphere to my images. In my bag I had the Sigma 85mm and 14mm along with a vintage Nikkor 55mm, a manual lens. I quickly realized that I only needed one for this assignment, the Nikkor 55mm. Adapted to a Sony A7RIII, this lens produces images that feel very classic. Couple that with the high resolution and crazy dynamic range of the camera, you’re left with files that you can edit in a way that really transport the viewer. I wanted to give the day a feeling of nostalgia, the idea that this day could have happened in 1920 or 2019.

This is a small sampling of over 500 images delivered to the family…